ATE: One Stop Solution for all Mold Requirements

If you have any CNC machining Michigan requirements, ATE is the place to be. We have a total of 13 CNC machines which include the 5 axis, 2 Overhead cranes, Gundrill, Boring Mill and new fork trucks. Most of our CNC machines are installed with a probe system for dimension checks and accuracy.
American Tool has large CNCs to fit large machining needs. In case you are looking for mold repair and mold revisions, we can do that as well for you. American Tool has two locations in Greene, Iowa. The Pattern Shop on East Traer and Mold Shop on Industrial Parkway.

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Key Factors in Successful Engineered Molds Making in Michigan

Successful mold making is based on 3 main factors. It depends on the steel used, the mold material, the designs and the environment in which it is made. The different mold materials used and the type of machine that you use contribute substantially to the success of your final product. The injection mold making process is complex, right from the initial design to the end result. It is important to have a thorough knowledge of each aspect of the process to understand which parts have an effect on the quality of the injection mold.

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