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The right time to use Prototype Molding

Plastic injection molding process is a relatively high costing process for production parts. It is important to know when molding will be beneficial and cost effective.
Prototype molding can produce qualitative molds closer to reality at a lesser cost.

Prototype molding is meant for faster production processes. It can be used for medium sized plastic parts that can be produced in thousands. This method was invented and created mainly to improve the speed of production molding. It is easier and faster to produce samples and finally the complete order.
Advantages of prototype molding :
1. Concept risk
Since prototype molding makes use of aluminium or soft metal, it is easier to make changes and adjustments if and when required, so the risk of concept is much lower.

2. Quick procedure
Once you get the shape, materials and size right, the process of creating molds using prototype molding is a relative accelerated procedure.

3. Financial risk
Since prototype molding allows you to easily and quickly produce samples before creating the final product, it reduces the financial risk to a bare minimum. The only investment would be to create the samples if required.

4. Accuracy
Prototype molding allows you to produce accurate results close to reality. Inserting new molds and overmolding is also possible due to prototype molding.

Before you decide to go for a prototype mold, you need to understand your process and know which type of molding would be right for your product. Only then will the investment of time and money on the mold be beneficial.