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Why is aluminium the right choice for thermoforming tools

The success of a thermoforming project is determined by the accuracy, design, low cost and minimal errors. If all these are in place, only then is the project successfully over.
In order to meet all these variables correctly, most thermoforming projects make use of aluminium. But let’s understand why aluminium is used. Tooling simply means creating a thermoforming mold. The air with the pressure allows the metal to create a sharply defined shape.

Aluminium can be used for this process where it is cut from a block or by casting which means it is made into a shape. Machining the metal allows more precise and sharp edges and curves but it might be more expensive than casting, for obvious reasons. Cast aluminium is less expensive but its texture might be compromised. Another benefit of using aluminium is that it is less expensive than any other steel or alloy components.

For manufacturing, it is more durable in terms of constant use. The temperature with aluminium can be easily controlled as it does not take too much time to heat or cool. Apart from aluminium, plastics and wood too can be used for the thermoforming process. However, both these materials, while they may be less costly, they will not be as accurate and durable as aluminium. For production tooling and manufacturing, aluminium is the most preferred metal or material that can and should be used mainly based on its durability. Visit us for aluminum Thermoform molds michigan