Industrial Blow Molds

Blow molding is the manufacturing process that forms hollow plastic parts.  Melted plastic is clamped between two mold halves and air is blown into the part to create the features of the plastic part being formed.

American Tool is known for their capabilities of building blow molds and has a fully staffed engineering team ready to help with your next project.  Our machined aluminum blow molds are built to our customer’s specifications and can include many features like moving parts or inserted pinch.  American Tool has some very large cnc machines and is known for their large, complex and intricate blow molds.  With our 5 axis cnc and large edm we can pay attention to the details are customers need most.

When American Tool builds a new blow mold for a customer, our engineering department works with our customers to get them the best mold.  Many features and details can go into a blow mold and we make sure our customers get everything they want.  Once the molds are designed the material is brought in to start the cnc machining process and our highly skilled toolmakers build all the mold components, assemble, inspect,  and test each mold we build.  Our Cnc machines are equipped with probe systems for dimension checks to verify our molds are built with precision.  When the blow molds are assembled they go through the inspection phase and performance tested.  Weekly progress reports are done throughout the mold build and sent to the customers.

Machined aluminum blow mold- Fuel tank with inserted pinch

Machined aluminum industrial paneling blow mold with external looping of waterlines

Machined aluminum blow mold with jump parting on Industrial panel

Machined aluminum container blow mold with ampcoy slides on the bottom

Two cavity machined aluminum textured blow mold

Machined aluminum blow mold with inserted pinch and inserted thread